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tter has yet to be settled and leaves many question marks about the legality of ▓giving Netanyahu the mandate to form a government."This is a sad and difficult day," said Attorney General Avichai Man

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delblit, as he announce▓d the decision. "It was a difficult decision for me. I decided this with a heavy but confident heart."Netanyahu, Is

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rael's longest serving leader, is now in a difficult position. After two failed attempts to form a government, the heavy weight of an indictment has the potential of crippling him when he is trying to recruit ▓potential coalition partners.Netanyahu currently leads a bloc of right-wing and

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ultra-orthodox Jewish parties who have vowed to stand b

ehind him even if he is indicted.As the ▓leader of the Likud party, Netanyahu's govern until now has been stea▓dfast with no real contestant to his leadership within the party.Now, as the ▓indictment becomes official, it remains to be seen whether members of his▓ party will d

are to run against him.Israel is now in a period of 21 days duri

ng which anyone who can enlist a majority of parliament members ca▓n attempt to form a government.However, if Netanyahu▓'s position in the Likud remains strong, it could be yea▓rs before he is ousted."He will hang in there and tell the public that he is innocent until proven guilty,"

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said Gideon Rahat, professor of the Political▓ Science Department at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem."He is ▓

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now fighting for his life. The question is how far his supporters will stay with him," Rahat▓ added.Netanya

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hu's political prowess in the Likud, and the right wing as a whole "is unprecedented," Rahat told Xinhua.

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"He will use this power to avoid prison.""He skillfully managed to suppress any candidate who showed potential

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of replacing him," Rahat added.So

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ictment is official, for Netanyahu, an election is the optimal course.

"Elections are closer, because Netanyahu is now w▓eakened," said Shlomo Egoz of the Politics and Communications department at Hadassah Academic College.According to Egoz, if the Likud is legally force▓d to find a different leader during this period

, they will not be able to do so within the 21 days, plunging the country into the t

hird r▓ound of election within one year.Currently, Netanyahu's▓ main rival is Benny Gantz, leader of the Blue and Whit▓e party. While Gantz has said that his desire is to form a national unity govern▓ment

with the Likud, his quick rise to popularity in Israel is greatly because o

f his promise that he will not sit with a prime minister under indictment.Al▓though he secured one more mandate than the Likud in the last

election, he fa▓iled to muster the number of mandates necessary to form a ▓governm

ent."Gantz is still incapable of forming a government," said Egoz. "The right bloc is much more unified than the centrist-left bloc and▓ this was very evident during coalition negotiations."After two round of elections, sever

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al attempts to form a government and Netanyahu's legal affairs, Israel finds itself in a political deadlock that might not end in the near future.Polls conducted on Thursday by Israeli media outlets show no major change in the political map.▓ A poll by channel 12 showed 46 percent of the Is

raeli public bel▓ieves Netanyahu sh

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